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Bob Maret, RPT is your best choice in a Piano Tuner/Technician because:

  • I passed 14 hours of tests covering all parts of piano tuning and repair (RPT Certification)
  • It's a complete, thourough, 90 minute piano service - everything is checked and re-checked
  • I can tune a piano entirely by ear - (some tuners require a computer to help them)
  • Tunings by ear are matched to the piano for a better sounding, more musical result
  • I tune pianos for artist concerts and recordings because they like the sound I create
  • I have 30 years of FULL TIME experience (35,000 pianos tuned and counting)
  • I'm the Head Piano Technician at UCF, Florida's 1st "All Steinway School"
  • I'm a factory trained Steinway Piano Technician
  • I've passed criminal background checks required by schools
  • I have business liability insurance (some tuners are un-insured)
  • I accept Visa/Mastercharge, Amex, Checks, or Cash.
  • I have convenient day, evening and Saturday hours for working families
  • I use a vacuum/blower to clean your piano.
  • I am almost always on time for your appointment if not, I call.
  • I've rebuilt more than 50 pianos in my workshop
  • I am a FULL TIME Piano Technician- (some tuners are part time and have other jobs).
  • I answer the phone 95% of the time when you call.
  • I once played piano professionally - (some tuners can't play the piano!)
  • My web site strives to educate piano owners.
  • Phone or Email advice is free - just Contact Me.
  • I take the time to do it right.
  • No other piano tuner in Orlando has all of the above qualifications -
  • So why use anyone else to service your valuable instrument? Call me!
  • Better service......more experience.....the better choice!

Testimonials from satisfied customers:

I've been looking for a really good piano tuner for awhile now, and I finally found one so I wanted to pass his information along to all of you. He did a phenomenal job tuning and fixing the action (which was badly needed) on my piano, so I HIGHLY recommend him. He is punctual, honest, extremely thorough, and his rates are very reasonable. He has been tuning pianos for 30+ years. He currently tunes all 44 of UCF's pianos every 1-3 months, tunes for local/internationally known artists, has great in-home service, etc. I was highly impressed with his knowledge of EVERY piano part, and he plays wonderfully as well....KC

Hi Bob: Just wanted to say thank you so much for a wonderful job on the Piano, glad we have you on board and I will refer you to everyone I know who has a piano. You pay attention to all the important details and your work is so good and professional I cant thank you enough. Have a great weekend and hope to see you soon.....SH

You saved the concert by fixing that broken key. Thank you, thank you...LM

I've never heard that Steinway D sound that good....JP

You are the only one who will touch my Steinway .....TB

No one else but you has been able to tune this piano to my satisfaction..thank you!...PW

The other guy only spent 30 minutes here - I thought there was something wrong, so i called you. I love the sound of my piano. Thank you! .....YC


Bob Maret - 407-489-9090

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